Welcome to SURRE. We don't have much of a website yet because I am very busy with the coding and I havent't been able to convince anyone to do the site. Here is the basic run down:

"SURRE. A web based app to allow users to submit written work (and posibly latter other media such as pictures or music) for their peers to read and review. Configurable catagories with a rating system. Uses, anywhere the written word is important."

You can look at the project here. For the time if you want the code you have to go look at the CVS, but the code is kinda patchy and thrown together. I would suggest (to everyone) waiting for a file release, and then (if you are on the bleeding edge of the sword) go download CVS nightly builds.

Requirements (Versions listed are what I am running, or has been tested on):

Thanks - Jon Davis (ResQuad/ShakataGaNai)

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Update 2004-02-05: Yes, Its been dead for a while, I have not forgoten the project. I just havent had alot of time to get into things again. I also have a real honest to god job now, and my own website, it takes up lots of time. Regardless of the lack of page updates, and lack of CVS submits, I have not gone. I shall be back!